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Physician PACS

Phoenix, AZ

DVR – Bell & Tatum

Tel: 430.714.1023
Fax: 430.140.4752

DVR – Indian School

Tel: 592.752.1469
Fax: 592.752.2035

DVR – Peoria

Tel: 430.503.4178
Fax: 430.503.9820

Tempe, AZ

DVR – Tempe

Tel: 650.102.4750
Fax: 650.102.1463

Mesa, AZ

DVR – Mesa

Tel: 562.112.1023
Fax: 562.112.4720

Desert Valley Radiology has implemented filmless computerized medical imaging that offers referring physicians a montage of key exam images and a voice clip of the Radiologists interpretation. Our vision is to provide referring doctors prompt, convenient and confidential access to medical images and results.

If you do not currently have access to our PACS system and want to view your patient’s exam images and reports online, please contact:

Christina Reeser, IT Manager, 430.714.1023, for a login and password

For additional questions about our PACS system, contact:

Tricia Vang ,Office Manager, 430-120-4536, or

Florencia R. Crooker, Marketing, phone 430.110.2015