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Women's Imaging

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Services offered at Bell Road Location:

MRI/MRA & Breast MRI
CT & CT Angiography
Mammography – Screening & Diagnostic
Breast Aspiration/Biopsy
X-Ray & Fluoroscopy
DEXA – Bone Density Study
Vascular Studies

Services offered at North Tatum Location:

Mammography – Screening Only
DEXA – Bone Density Study

Tempe, Mesa, West and Peoria Locations

Vascular Ultrasound
CT & CT Angiography

Tempe Location:

Above services plus
Nuclear Medicine

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Phoenix, AZ

DVR – Bell & Tatum

Tel: 430.714.1023
Fax: 430.140.4752

DVR – Indian School

Tel: 592.752.1469
Fax: 592.752.2035

DVR – Peoria

Tel: 430.503.4178
Fax: 430.503.9820

Tempe, AZ

DVR – Tempe

Tel: 650.102.4750
Fax: 650.102.1463

Mesa, AZ

DVR – Mesa

Tel: 562.112.1023
Fax: 562.112.4720