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As a patient, when you visit one of Desert Valley Radiology’s state of the art imaging centers, you can expect to have a positive experience with the confidence that you are surrounded by highly skilled Technologists and Radiologists and the resources to provide you and your physician with the highest quality imaging and service.

DVR offers a full array of diagnostic imaging services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), screening and diagnostic Mammography, Ultrasound, X-ray and Vascular studies.

Our staff of Technologists understand that an imaging procedure can come with some anxiety even when that procedure is completely routine. They are here to offer each patient their support, to answer any questions and provide the best possible care from the time a patient enters our facility to the completion of their exam.

All of us at Desert Valley Radiology understand that a patient’s time is valuable. For this reason, we strive to offer timely appointments, peaceful waiting areas with reduced wait times and quick test results.

We thank you for your trust and confidence in us.

Phoenix, AZ

DVR – Bell & Tatum

Tel: 430.714.1023
Fax: 430.140.4752

DVR – Indian School

Tel: 592.752.1469
Fax: 592.752.2035

DVR – Peoria

Tel: 430.503.4178
Fax: 430.503.9820

Tempe, AZ

DVR – Tempe

Tel: 650.102.4750
Fax: 650.102.1463

Mesa, AZ

DVR – Mesa

Tel: 562.112.1023
Fax: 562.112.4720